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Cupéo Box cartridges


Your coffee from 9 cents only!

Let yourself be seduced by Cupéo cartridges and enjoy a coffee from 9 euro cents.
Discover a large selection of hot drinks from major brands. Coffee, tea, chocolate, soup …

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The advantages of Cupéo cartridges

More economical

• 1 coffee from 9 euro cents
• Automatic energy saving mode (light sensor)

More ecological

• 1 cartridge of coffee = 11 times less of waste than capsules

More efficient

• 4 drink selections
• Integrated cup dispenser and cup holder
• Large capacity stainless steel tank (visible level)
• Drain system
• Hot water + ambient water
• A simple gesture of 3 seconds to help yourself
• System of hermetic cartridges easy to change

A wide range of big brand drinks

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Discover a large selection of Cupéo cartridges