The Jede company

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The JEDE company at the heart of conviviality since 1969

Since the late 1960s, Jede has been designing and marketing hot and cold beverage solutions  to improve user-friendliness in the workplace.

Today, Jede adapts to new business constraints and offers economically optimized solutions by allowing customers to maintain autonomy in choice and management.

Partnerships controlled by consumers, without external management intervention. 

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grain entreprise jede

A company focused on the needs of its customers

The JEDE company responds to new needs of employees after the crisis.

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The health crisis has considerably changed working habits. A study by Wojo specializing in co-working spaces, reveals that nearly half of employees expect safe health measures and one in three people considers that workplaces should be more attractive.

At Jede, we develop solutions that meet new health rules and we believe that conviviality must be at the heart of the business of tomorrow.

Quality products for satisfy the search for pleasure

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During confinement, 52% of employees took food breaks while working. 55% of them wish to continue this habit when resuming work on site. This is why Jede offers a wide range of hot drinks from major brands to satisfy employees’ desire for pleasure.

Solutions that are part of an environmental approach

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Consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of their purchases. According to the Kantar TNS Food 360 study, 86% of them select products with as little packaging as possible, and 81% turn to biodegradable packaging.

This is why we offer 100% recyclable and compostable paper cups to reduce our ecological footprint.

Equipment with low ecological impact

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We design offers around latest generation equipment equipped with consumption reduction systems.

A Mug detection system is installed on the hot drink dispenser to reduce the consumption of cups.

The SLEP system manages the switching on and off of the device, thus generating an energy saving of nearly 40%

  • LED lighting for less consumption
  • Mug system on some dispensers
  • Production in France for less transport.

First-class service to guarantee your peace of mind

We provide a quality technical service closest to your needs:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Emergency or scheduled intervention
  • Hot Line Support
grain entreprise jede