Coffee break

The coffee break at the office, what are the advantages for the company?

Long criticized as a waste of time, the coffee break is now one of the values of well-being in the company. This space is often associated with a place of social bond creation. The departments use it to strengthen the cohesion of their teams. And scientific data has proven that employees’ productivity increases when they take a quality coffee break. Today, companies see these spaces as real benefits for society.

The coffee break: a space for social connection

The cup of coffee has always been a time of sharing and exchange . France saw its first coffee appear in 1670. It attracts the population in demand for moments of conviviality and discussions. The subjects are mainly political but they create social links. Today transposed into a business, the café space above all offers meetings .

A newcomer to a company will discover his colleagues thanks to the coffee break offered to him. It is a place that allows us to meet people other than those glued to our office. But it is also a space in which one feels sufficiently comfortable to discuss subjects other than those of work. Over the years, we get to know each other. Your colleague becomes a friend and sometimes even a confidant to lean on when you feel the need. But to create this link, it is necessary to offer this space so dear to employees.

During the various confinements experienced in France during the health crisis, what was most lacking with teleworking was indeed the coffee break . The latter was no longer there to break the isolation and strengthen social ties between colleagues.

Strengthened team cohesion during the break

The quality of life at work is measured through various criteria. Several studies have been carried out by polling institutes. Well-being at work is mainly considered via two measures. The first tends to assess recognition versus hierarchy and the second relates to the relationship with colleagues in his team . To do this, the HR departments and those responsible for QWL agree to strengthen employee ties by providing spaces to strengthen team cohesion.

It is no longer rare to see employees working differently in a space designed at the base to have a good time. Because the idea here is to be able to take advantage of a pleasant and warm place to work in peace . When the coffee machine is not far away, people are bursting with creative ideas. Meeting rooms are often unavailable or not numerous enough. As a result, coffee spaces become a new place to work as a team. The mind is sometimes more liberated in these spaces than in a classic office.

Productivity increases with a quality coffee break

 » Beyond a certain threshold, human efficiency decreases, or even becomes negative « , Ivan Illich, Austrian thinker of the 20th century.

According to philosophers, economists but especially doctors, the brain break is essential in the quality of the work that we produce. Taking a break is taking the time to let your brain regain its strength. The human body needs to get away for even 10 to 15 minutes between 4 and 5 times a day.

Occupational medicine has observed the reduction of certain ailments among employees who take the time to take a real quality break:

– Less fatigue

– More concentration

– Less muscle tension

– More motivation

– More creativity

In short, the break produces a real increase in productivity . The more it is taken in good conditions, the more it will be optimized. This is how company management understood that the quality of a well-appointed café area is essential for the health of their employees. Healthy employees reflect a healthy business.

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