Pre-dosed sealed cups: a practical idea for your coffee breaks!

You looking for a hot drink solution for your business? Do you know the pre-dosed sealed cup? It is definitely the most practical cup to use! This type of ready-made hot drink is easy to serve indoors and out. Let’s discover the advantages of the pre-dosed sealed cup:

The pre-dosed sealed cup: what is it?

The pre-dosed sealed cup is in the form of a cardboard cup , at the bottom of which is an airtight aluminum cover containing coffee, tea, soup, cocoa, etc. Just add hot water and mix everything together for a tasty instant drink.

Why use the pre-dosed sealed cup ?

Can’t install a hot beverage machine in your business? For a sporting or cultural event, in a hospital environment for your patients, on construction sites for your workers … The pre-dosed sealed cup finds its place everywhere. In recyclable cardboard, this product can be personalized with your logo or for an event.

The pre-dosed sealed cup is a simple and practical way to offer a hot drink to your employees and visitors. It has the following advantages:

1. Good conservation: It remains in its cup, intact, until consumption.

2. A ready-to-use cup: There is no need for machine installation, consumable reloading or maintenance.

3. A hygienic cup: Thanks to the individual packaging of the drink, the product is not touched, which remains immune to any deterioration. Very useful in times of health crisis.

4. An individual cup: Everyone can therefore consume the drink of their choice. And there are a multitude of different drinks to taste.

A definite economic advantage

A sealed drink costs on average between 20 and 30 cents per unit. It all depends on the capacity of the cup (30 or 50 cl) and the quantity you order. It is therefore a much more economical solution than capsules or coffee beans. Moreover, since you do not have to install a machine, you also save on the cost of using and maintaining a dispensing device.

A wide variety of instant drinks for all activities

Major brands like Nescafé, Van Houten, Maggi, Knorr or Lipton, for example, offer a range of pre-dosed sealed cups. A wide choice of varied hot drinks exists on the market. Jede offers suitable dispensers to provide pre-dosed sealed cups in companies. Corn they are also found on board trains or planes in business class. The hotel industry is also asking for disposable cups to welcome and retain its customers. It simply provides a kettle, no need for dishes since the sealed cups are disposable.

Many companies choose this disposable cup for the reception of their customers. Economical and easy to use, the pre-dosed sealed cup is ideal for a moment of conviviality with colleagues.

It is the solution of the coffee break at work with colleagues. Hygienic and practical, all you have to do is taste it in a friendly atmosphere.

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