User-friendliness solutions for a company where it is good to work

Jede offers your employees a moment of relaxation in your company!

grain company jede
grain company jede

Discover Cupéo our hot drinks,
in pre-dosed cups,

Practical, healthy and quick to serve, the cup already contains the dose of major brand products. The dosage is optimum in each cup.

grain company jede

Serenity Service Contract : a turnkey hot drink offer to meet all your desires!

Jede has the solution to offer hot drinks to your employees without worrying about a thing! For moments of conviviality in complete safety.

Jede: Discover a large selection of quality hot drinks

At Jede, enjoy an ecologically responsible hot drink, made in France and in complete health safety!

Why choose Jede?

Health security

Limitation of contacts
Systematic use of filter with periodic change
Product traceability.

Product quality

Major brands and products made in France

Freedom of management

You no longer depend on management companies who impose their frequency of intervention and minimum consumption on you.


Hot drinks vending machines with a tailor-made service adapted to each structure and to your specific needs.

Quality services

Logistics, delivery between 24 and 48 hours
Technical hot line
Speed of technical intervention
Preventive maintenance

Sustainable commitment

Distributors, cardboard cups, energy saving, local manufacture.

A network Proximity

With its 2 direct agencies and a whole network of partners JEDE brings a quality and proximity service to its customers throughout the national territory.

grain company jede

Discover our flagship products


Mitaca M4

Cupéo Box range

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