Vending machine in the office, 3 questions to ask yourself before installing one

Confectionery, snack, refreshment, the vending machine is the ideal companion for any self-respecting coffee break. Small or large, it finds its place anywhere and ensures the comfort of employees and the public. Moreover, 92% of the French  say they use a vending machine  at the office at least once per week during their  coffee break.


Very practical in business, the hot drinks vending machine allows you to get a good coffee very quickly. In less than a minute you are served. No need to waste time going to the local cafe.


Around 14 million hot drinks are sold each year through a vending machine. What constitutes a very flourishing market. 66% of these distributors are established in companies and offer tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cappuccino to employees. This is a good reason to install one in the office. But how to choose it  ? Here are 3 questions to ask yourself before installing one 


1. How big is my business  ?


If your company has less than 40 employees  :

If you have a small staff, it is not profitable to invest in an ATM in your company. A traditional coffee maker or a pod or capsule machine is more than enough to offer coffee or hot drinks.

If your company has more than 40 employees  :

Over 40 employees, the purchase or rental of a vending machine hot drinks can be very helpful. Heavy consumption of coffee in capsules or beans can cost you quite a bit. A solution of vending machine may prove to be more practical and economical.

If your company has more than 100 employees  :

With a significant number of employees, large companies must respond to significant peaks in consumption. Therefore, they may need more than one hot or cold drink dispenser. To avoid having to deal with procurement, maintenance and payment issues, they often opt for a fully managed rental solution.

2.     What are my needs  ?


If you have a small business with little room and are looking for a budget solution, go with a capsule or bean coffee machine. You can put it on a piece of furniture and just plug it into the mains.


If your business is larger and you have a dedicated space, you can install cabinet-type vending machines to offer hot drinks, cold drinks, snacks and sweets, etc.

Most major brands offer a wide choice of instant powders  : chocolate, tea, infusion, coffee, soup, etc. suitable for  ATMs  cabinet type. There are also ATMs  pre-dosed products that offer the advantage of being hygienic and economical. 

3.     Which management mode to choose  ?


There are different management modes for choosing a vending machine.

Total management  :

Total management is certainly the simplest solution, but it is also the least profitable. In this case, you do not manage your machines but you do not earn anything  ! A service provider installs a vending machine in your company and takes care of everything  (supply, maintenance, product prices, etc.). With its offer Serenity Service Contract , Jede offers a turnkey solution adapted to the size of the company. Of course, you must have more than 40 employees to opt for this management method because the service provider must navigate in terms of profitability.


Self-management  :


In this management mode , you manage your vending machine. You manage orders and supplies. In return, you decide which tariffs you want to apply and you collect the profits. If you decide to go self-managing, you will have to choose between buying, renting or leasing.


Procurement – The cost of a vending machine varies from 2,000 to 5,000 € depending on the model. It is a significant investment. Of course, in the long run, the investment can pay off. You can manage the maintenance yourself or take out a contract with a service provider.


Location – By choosing this solution, you pay a monthly rent for your vending machine which also includes machine maintenance. But, you keep the management of the distributor and the profits generated by it. This solution is flexible because it allows you to change the vending machine every 2 or 3 years.


Leasing –  The principle of leasing is simple  : you pay a fixed amount each month while retaining the possibility of buying your vending machine at the end of the lease.

Choosing a vending machine in the office will therefore depend on the size of your business, the space you have available and the management method that you think is most suitable.

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