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Pre-dosed coffee, what advantages and what choice?

Want to drink a good coffee? Have you tried the pre-dosed sealed cup? Ready to use, it contains a dose of soluble drink hermetically sealed by an aluminum cap. To enjoy your coffee, just add hot water and mix. Let’s see its advantages and what are the drinks available in this mode of packaging.

What are the benefits of pre-dosed coffee?

Pre-dosed drinks are now a very practical solution in business to offer a coffee break to your employees and visitors. There is a wide choice of hot or cold drinks. This solution has the following advantages:

Good conservation over time

The dehydrated soluble drink is kept hermetically in the bottom of the cup by an aluminum cap which guarantees good conservation of the product. Pre-dosed coffee cups are packaged in boxes of 25 which can be stored for several months without any problem.

A practical solution that can be taken anywhere

Unlike a traditional coffee machine that must be plugged into the mains, the pre-dosed coffee solution is ready to use. It can be taken anywhere since it does not require a machine, consumables or maintenance. It is ideal for example on construction sites, exhibitions, events … But you can also opt for a dispenser of pre-dosed cups which will find its place in your coffee break space.

A hygienic solution

The packaging method of the pre-dosed cup closed by an aluminum cap protects the product from any deterioration but above all from any contact with the fingers. In times of health crisis, this solution is therefore particularly suitable.

What drinks are available

Today there is a wide choice of drinks available in pre-dosed cups .


  • Alta Rica coffee
  • Alta Rica Sweet Coffee
  • Sweet Cloud Coffee
  • Special Filter Coffee
  • Special Filter Coffee
  • Cappuccino
  • Cupéo Coffee Vanilla

Hot drinks

  • Mint flavored tea
  • Lipton Lemon tea
  • Maggi Tomato Soup
  • Smooth vegetable soup

As you can see, thanks to the pre-dosed cup, you have the choice of sharing good coffee, tea or soups in your break space or taking them with you wherever you go.

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