Coffee break at work: 8 ideas to animate it

The coffee break is a necessary break from work. It allows you to decompress and get to know your colleagues better. It is important to get out of your comfort zone and take the first step by reaching out to other people. The time of the coffee break at work is the perfect opportunity to bond in the company. It is a chance to meet beautiful people. It’s a moment of user-friendliness for your employees. But did you know that some ideas for activities can enhance its effectiveness?

Set up a pastry competition

And yes, the idea may seem incredible, but for gourmets and for a change of pastries, why not organize a cake contest in your relaxation area? Set a day of the week when everyone can take turns bringing their best cake. This is an opportunity for budding pastry chefs to share their talent with their colleagues.

Offer a choice of hot drinks

To satisfy your employees, nothing better than a hot drink dispenser , the management of which you can choose. Spice up your break and indulge in new flavors. Flavored coffees, cappuccinos, infusions, different kinds of teas, there is something for everyone. And why not do a tasting?

Create a zen atmosphere

It is always more pleasant to relax in a comfortable and warm place for a coffee break. Set up a nice sofa or comfortable armchairs. The quality of your break will be all the more beneficial.

Play question cup

It’s a very simple game. We fill a cup with questions and start fun talking points around the coffee machine. Anyone can participate. This is a good idea to start the day.

Organize a table football competition

Your employees often work with their eyes riveted on their screens, which is a source of fatigue for the eyes and the mind. Why not organize a foosball competition for a 15-minute break in a separate area from the office? It’s a good way to let them focus on something real and concrete. And that reinforces the team spirit.

The yoga break

Nothing better than yoga to relax your employees. The practice of yoga stimulates concentration and creativity. Putting your body in motion during a working day allows better oxygenation of the cells and therefore a boost of energy.

Board game tournament

Do you want to create conviviality in your offices? Go for team board games. Fun and good-natured, this activity will allow your employees to learn a lot from each other. This may even develop their quality of work within your company.

Do you have other ideas? Do not hesitate to make this special moment as pleasant as possible for your employees. If you can, consider setting up a space conducive to discussion. This is the key to success.

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