10 tips for setting up a café space

The café area is often intended to be the meeting place for employees. To make it conducive to conviviality and sometimes even to a space for creativity, it should be optimized as best as possible. To do this, we have listed our 10 tips for arranging your coffee space in a business.

1- Choosing the right coffee machine

The star of a coffee shop is all the same the coffee machine itself. You can have the most beautiful space possible. But if the machine in place is neither practical nor aesthetic and it does not offer quality drinks, you will flop. Distributors offer different options depending on your expectations. Educate yourself to choose the one that suits you best.

2- Involve employees

Before embarking on the decoration and layout of this space, organize a brainstorming session. Your employees will be delighted to be able to give their opinion. A touch of personalization for each person will make this space even more welcoming.

3- Optimize the layout

The circulation in a coffee space is essential to make it pleasant. We meet there above all to discuss and spend some time with a few colleagues. If there is no room for more than 2 people or if everyone bumps into the slightest gesture, the employees will not come back. Choose furniture that matches the available space.

4- Decorate harmoniously

The coffee area should reflect the spirit of your business. A young start-up will opt for bright colors and trendy furniture. A law firm can offer a chic and retro place. Anyway, the essential rule remains to keep a harmonious decoration so as not to fall into the excess of a mismatched place where one does not feel good.

5- Add hobbies if you have space

Like large companies like google, these convivial places represent real leisure areas with table football. At Deezer, you will find musical instruments near the distributor. If you want to create a calmer atmosphere near your coffee machine, beautiful flipping books will be welcome.

6- Keep a cozy spirit even in a small space

No need to have an assigned room to create a convivial space. A small area can still be optimized in a cozy way. By looking for a multifunctional piece of furniture, you save space. To delimit this space, do not hesitate to paint a section of the wall. Hang pictures on it or stick inspirational stickers on it.

7- Propose elements that elevate creativity

Coffee breaks are sometimes conducive to the creativity of some. It is not uncommon to come across colleagues who work there in a different way than in their office. An impression of « out of the box » floats in this space. Provide pens, post-its, sheets or small Lego bricks for project construction.

8- Offer quality products in a CSR approach

At a time when ecological questions are erupting in companies, it is good to get started or strengthen your CSR policy. Why not offer your employees fair trade products that respect the environment through coffee beans and tea?

9- Impose hygiene rules

Such a space will remain convivial if it is respected. For this, hygiene rules are essential. They may seem like logical, but it’s good to remind some that a dirty cup of coffee shouldn’t be lying around. To do this, you can display the rules of the café area by making them fun. For example, display the 10 commandments of the coffee machine. Commandment N ° 1: At each passage here, your cup you will tidy.

10- Set up regular orders

For a coffee area to exist, you need a machine, but it must be full. Nothing is more frustrating than taking a coffee break without coffee. Find out about the subscriptions to set up depending on the number of employees on your site.

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